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 Created in 2020, by an amazing group of 5/6 kids, the Heyfield Reading Writing Community is a safe space where everyone can share pieces of writing and inspire others.

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Overall, please keep your chat relevant to the literacy, and respect other posters, many of whom are school-aged.

Before posting THINK

- Is it Truthful?

- Is it Helpful?

- Is it Inspiring?

- Is it Necessary?

- Is it Kind?

Specifically, breaking the following rules is grounds for banning:

- No abuse of other posters.

- Talking about topics not related to literacy is discouraged. This applies to gossip, rumours and comments that are generally unhelpful.

- Be mindful of the language that you choose to use.

- Acting like an idiot will get you banned.

This rule covers things like posting upside-down text, talking in IM speak, obvious trolling, and not being a loss to the our community in general. This also covers racism, sexism, potty mouths and other immaturity.

These rules are in place to ensure a friendly environment. If you can't handle that, then don't join in.

Furthermore, if deemed necessary, site moderators will contact the police should any unsavory remarks be made.

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